Synonyms and related words:
Barnumism, affectation, apparent character, appearances, arsenic green, bedizenment, beggarliness, big talk, blatancy, brazenness, cheapness, clashing colors, coarseness, color clash, colorfulness, contemptibleness, convolution, crassness, crudeness, crudity, crumminess, dash, dazzle, dazzlingness, despicableness, display, earthiness, exteriors, external appearance, externals, extravagance, extravaganza, extravagation, facade, flagrancy, flamboyance, flashiness, flatulence, flatulency, front, fulsomeness, gaiety, garishness, gaudery, glare, glitter, gorgeousness, grandiloquence, grandioseness, grandiosity, grossness, high-flown diction, inflatedness, inflation, jaundiced yellow, jauntiness, jazziness, lexiphanicism, luridness, magniloquence, meanness, mere externals, mere rhetoric, meretriciousness, meritlessness, miserableness, obscenity, obtrusiveness, orotundity, ostent, ostentation, ostentatious complexity, outward appearance, outward show, paltriness, panache, pitiableness, pitifulness, platitudinous ponderosity, polysyllabic profundity, pomposity, pompous prolixity, pompousness, pontification, poorness, pretension, pretentiousness, prose run mad, public image, rawness, rhetoric, rhetoricalness, ribaldry, roughness, rudeness, sadness, screaming color, sensationalism, sententiousness, shabbiness, shamelessness, shocking pink, shoddiness, show, showiness, sorriness, speciousness, sportiness, stiltedness, superficiality, surface appearance, surface show, swelling utterance, swollen phrase, swollenness, tall talk, tawdriness, tortuosity, tortuousness, tumidity, tumidness, turgescence, turgidity, unworthiness, vain show, vileness, vulgarness, worthlessness, wretchedness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • gaudiness — gaudy ► ADJECTIVE (gaudier, gaudiest) ▪ extravagantly or tastelessly bright or showy. DERIVATIVES gaudily adverb gaudiness noun. ORIGIN probably from Old French gaudir rejoice , from Latin gaudere …   English terms dictionary

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